Vizcaya at Palm Aire

President’s Letter

Winter 2017


Dear Neighbors,


Earlier this month, we once again completed our Annual Meeting that is required by State Condominium Statute 718.  Typically elections are held annually for Directors to serve during the New Year.  This year, since we only had five applicants for the five seats that constitute our Board, there was no need to have elections.  Congratulations to our two new Board members Judy Brownstein and Andrew Medvin as well as the existing members consisting of Gene Ferris, Jerrold Schwartz and yours truly.  Thanks to the two retiring Board members, Steve Cagnet and Fredy Di Meco for their service.


Following the Annual Meeting, a State required Organizational Meeting was also held for the new Board of Directors to nominate officers to serve during the New Year.  The Board elected Jerrold Schwartz as Vice President and Treasurer, Gene Ferris as Vice President and Secretary and I as President.


As in the past, the Board will use our best efforts to fulfill our fiduciary duties to the community and exercise discretion in all matters that we reasonably believe will be in the best interest of the community.  Care will always also be given in balancing the needs and obligations of the community as a whole with those of individual unit owners.  We encourage input from residents on issues affecting them personally as well as the entire community.


In the late spring, we anticipate the actual commencement of our club house renovation project.  While we anticipate keeping the pool area open throughout the roughly 8 week construction period, we will have some disruptions due to safety and construction requirements.  Please bear with us as we complete this long needed project.


Lastly, we request that all who reside in Vizcaya, (unit owners, relatives, guests and renters) familiarize themselves, respect and adhere to all rules and regulations of the Association.


Best regards,


Lee Corson



 Posted 1/30/2017

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