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Dear Neighbors,

Earlier in the month, in addition to providing us with a free trip around the sun, the New Year once again brought Vizcaya our required annual board elections. 

The board consists of five seats that were contested for by eight owners.  The first three seats were won by Jerrold Schwartz, Michael Lynch and me.  The candidates for the last two open seats ended up in an unusual three-way tie between Candis Daly, Gene Ferris and Randy Randolph.  The tie created the necessity of a future run-off election to be held in  February for the election of the two remaining open seats. 

As required by State Condo statutes, you will shortly receive ballots and voting information for the run-off election between the three candidates.  As always, every vote matters and we strongly encourage you to participate in the forthcoming election.

Update:  The election is complete, Gene Ferris and Randy Randolph have been elected.  We thank Candis Daly for her long and valued service to Vizcaya.

At an organizational meeting held after the first election, the three new Directors elected the following officers: 

President – Lee Corson

Vice President & Secretary – Jerrold Schwartz

Treasurer - Michael Lynch

Director - Gene Ferris

Director - Randy Randolph

Our Vizcaya property is now in its fourth decade of existence (ancient in dog years) with all the expected aging issues that one would expect in a 31+ year old facility.  In the coming weeks, we will be in the process of prioritizing our maintenance needs and establishing realistic budget requirements to insure the continued quality of our property.  We will exercise sound business judgement and follow established management practices.  As we develop our evolving plans, we will always insure that our efforts respect the wishes of our community’s majority. 

Speaking for the new board, we appreciate your confidence, support and good wishes and can assure you that we will use our best efforts to protect your investment, insure your security and provide a congenial community of neighbors in our special community.

 Please feel free to contact any of our board members if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Lee Corson

Updated 02/26/2019

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